The Growth Advisors Mission

Our mission at Growth Advisors is to assist Fortune 1000 companies, larger private firms and emerging growth organizations in their efforts to be more competitive in attracting and retaining the best talent available. The research is clear – there is a “War for Talent” underway. In this “War for Talent” firms that have a superior Human Resources technology stack for their prospective and current employees will have a clear advantage in winning the war against their competition. This “tech stack” might include innovative and unique solutions for corporate training, benefits, diversity & inclusion, retention, health and wellness, talent acquisition and much more. Ultimately, we help the Human Resource department become an effective contributor to corporate growth.

To accomplish this important, and at times mission critical objective, we work with early stage organizations that typically fall below the radar screen of corporate HR departments for a multitude of reasons. These might include, but not be limited to, minimal or no resources available to focus on innovation, a lack of visibility for innovation, time constraints due to other priorities and other considerations. The emerging companies we work with are all beyond the “startup” stage in that they have a proven customer track record, are generating revenue, and are in a leading “quadrant” in their respective marketplace.

Our Values

Our Value to Technology Vendors

 Early stage technology firms that have a Human Capital focus as their target market traditionally do not have connections to the leadership team in firms that could be interested in considering, and potentially acquiring their solutions. In addition, their sales teams may not yet be formed or are at a junior level. This may result in an inability to convey their value to their target audience. Our goal is to assist them in their commercializing and business development efforts. In this tight labor market post-Seed level vendors are eager to ramp up by partnering with companies like Growth Advisors that can give them a competitive advantage.

Our Value to Corporations

For the benefit of our Vendor partners we make introductions to the appropriate corporate HR stakeholders by bringing to their attention relevant, innovative and current problem solving technology solutions. The vendors with work with would not normally be visible to them through other means, including their own internal efforts, introductions by their key HR service providers, and the vendors themselves.


Our methodology is very simple – we provide introductions to the appropriate stakeholders in the organizations that would be prospects for our Vendor partners.



Co-Founder and Managing Director


David Manner brings over 35 years of sales and sales management expertise in software and technology, and has experience across a broad array of industries. He is passionate about helping startups and early stage firms with their efforts to achieve accelerated growth in revenue and customer acquisition, and enjoys working with the core team in these firms to grow their sales skills, create and tune their sales processes, and develop their “go-to-market” strategy. David is an accomplished sales trainer, coach and public speaker.

David is also the Founder and CEO of StartUp Sales LLC.



Co-Founder and Managing Director


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